When our diet is wrong, medicine is of no use

When our diet is right, medicine is of no need


Wellness consults start with a detailed interview. Prior to the interview, you fill out a questionnaire providing as much detail as possible on your daily schedule, food intake, exercise routine and the nuts and bolts of your life. The goal of this process is to draw out a sketch. A sketch of your mind, body and spirit, as well as your wellness goals. These goals vary from person to person, ranging from better sleep to stress management to alleviation of digestive issues to living a more balanced life.

After your consult, you'll be provided with recommendations on food and lifestyle choices that are ideal for your unique constitution. Depending upon your interest, we work together to develop a plan for reaching your desired goals. Among other things, this plan could encompass herbal formulas, movement practices, a daily or nightly routine, meditations, breath work or seasonal cleanses.

Initial consult (up to 90 minutes): $84

Follow-up consult (30 minutes): $30 

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