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cooking classes

Food, and how we interact with it, is an integral part of how we heal in Ayurveda. Cooking Ayurvedically is about about cooking from a place of awareness - we educate ourselves to recognize imbalances and learn how to set them right with the food we eat. 

Cooking classes are offered over 3 sessions. Each session begins with a lesson and discussion on Ayurvedic principles and how those are applied in the kitchen. Among other things we go over proper food combinations, the medicinal properties of herbs and spices, ways to strengthen our agni or digestive fire, and the role of rasa or taste in maintaining balance. Following the theory, we get busy in the kitchen creating an Ayurvedically-inspired meal and each session ends with enjoying the food we have cooked together.

The set of 3 cooking sessions is priced at $360. Individual sessions can also be purchased at $150 per session. Call us for discounted rates if you're interested in doing the class with a few friends or colleagues.

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