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 the first 42 days postpartum,
can shape the next 42 years of the mother’s health

ayurvedic postpartum care

Ayurveda offers several tools for healing and rejuvenation for the new mom. The hallmark of postpartum care in Ayurveda is managing vitiated Vata. Comprised of the elements of air and ether, Vata dosha, is the principle of propulsion and occupies hollow spaces in the body. Childbirth epitomizes Vata in action. From the very act of pushing a baby out to the emptiness left in the womb, these natural processes, unless managed, can create the perfect storm for chronic Vata imbalances.


Ayurveda offers us a treasure trove of remedies to balance vitiated Vata. The principal at the heart of an Ayurvedic postpartum protocol is to counter the cold, mobile, light qualities of Vata by embracing choices that are warm, grounding, nourishing, stable, and slow. 


Our postpartum services include:

Full body oil abhyanga

Massages with warm medicinal oils are to help the new mother regain strength, bring back tone to the skin and muscles, aid in relaxation and nourish the tissues. 


Belly Binding

Postpartum belly binding is an ancient ritual practiced for the first 42 days after delivery. It is a time-tested and natural way to help restore the strength and tone of abdominal muscles and shrink the postpartum belly. In addition of lending a sense of warmth and support, it helps pacify vata dosha and prevents digestive issues like gas and bloating. 


Food recipes 

The tremendous energy that goes into birthing leaves the mother’s digestion comprised. Food choices have to be made intentionally during this period to make sure they are easily digestible while providing all the necessary nourishment for the nursing mother. To support this process, we provide recipes tailor-made to strengthen digestion, support the unique postpartum needs and enhance breast milk production. 


Herbal protocol 

Enhancing the above lifestyle and food choices with an Ayurvedic herbal protocol is an extremely effective way for a mother balance her vitiated Vata, regain strength, maintain emotional balance and help nurture herself and her new baby.  

If you'd like to find out more about Ayurvedic postpartum care, let's chat!

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